Wood You Believe it? A compact ‘Green’ Scandinavian style home with all modcons

The world’s happiest people live in Denmark. Detached from the rat race and soulless materialism, they focus on the essentials. 

Now you can too! 

A rare and unique opportunity to rent a compact sliver of Scandinavia-on-the-Southside, this cosy home is very much at one with the environment. 

Little separates you from the wonders and wistful essentials of wild nature, barely even walls or a roof. 

It’s almost like living in the wide open bountiful lap of Mother Nature herself. **

The surrounding locale of Terenure is to die for!***

Equipped with every convenience today’s renter could want except pesky divisive internal dividing walls, the immaculate open plan space will bring people together in a true spirit of togetherness and community. 

With views of nature and greenery visible from everywhere inside the property, it comes finished (almost) with high grade premium Norwegian pine walls, floors and ceilings at no extra cost. 

The last resident of this divine Nordic retreat has moved due to a need for treatment of blocked valves,**** or otherwise this little piece of Valhalla wouldn’t be on the market!  

To secure this super dooper residence like no other, contact us today at: SuperShedsAndOutlandishOuthouses@TitaniumNecks.gmail.com  

** Instead of someone’s back garden

*** Literally if you try to light a fire inside.

**** The lawnmower is making a full recovery under the tender ministrations  of Mick the Mechanic.  
*This actually a real ad on Daft! No, seriously someone is rely renting a garden shed: https://lovindublin.com/dublin/pics-there-is-an-actual-shed-on-daft-going-for-850-a-month*