For Sale to the Highest Bidder!

Salt cellar- I mean , bijoux property–  located alongside the highly sought after area of Dublin 2 alongside the tree-lined Canal Bank Walk. Take a leaf out of the pages of Patrick Kavanagh and in this colourful property, suitable for one vertically challenged individual, you could be inspired to write poetry every day! This property also comes with its very own fleet (gaggle? swarm?) of swans  in case you ever get lonely and need company.  Be lulled to sleep every night with the rippling sounds of water flowing and on a sunny day you’ll spot barges gliding along en-route to exotic destinations such as Athlone and Carrick-on-Shannon!

Constructed from reinforced plastic and equipped with its own roof, you’ll be snug and dry every night, regardless of the season!

Property will be listed at Sothebys on 2nd February. For more details, please contact Valuations@nowyou’