Maritime Property for sale

See yourself as a bit of a James Bond? Want to own your own speedboat, party and pick up lots of chicks?

Fear not, with this home on the water, now you can!  Amply proportioned and well- appointed property located in the highly sought-after Port area, this property commands stunning views of the harbour. If you’re in the business of people-smuggling or illicit drugs/arms trade, then a tidy living is potentially to be made through transporting same in and out of the port area (*but you must avoid the sniffer dogs and Customs officers!)

This property has the advantage of being fully submersible so should underwater exploration be on your Bucket List, then this is the option for you!

A steal at only €25,000, this mature maritime property  comes to the market with its very own butler (for serving canapés at all those parties you’ll be hosting on board). Enquiries to