Homeless Enjoy Fun In The Floods!

Homeless people enjoyed some fantastic floody frolics this Friday as the warm autumnal drizzle (or “downpour” as the spoilsports at Met √Čireann called it. No fun at all at all that crowd) drifted down at the speed of your average meteor.

They had pools and small lakes to paddle in to their hearts delight – and all for free. *

Merry japes were being had all over Dublin and indeed the entire country! LOL!

Bring it on we say! Who needs a roof coming between them and this mighty craic?! That’s right – no one! Which is exactly the same number of people as can afford a house in Ireland! No one! LOL!

#WallsAreForSquares #HousesAreSooooooLastCentury ##StreetChic #AdventureSleeping #FootpathFun #DreamingOfADoorway

*The Government has asked well-known humanitarian Michael O’Leary to explore if there might be some way of monetising this freeloading.