Greed Is Good – Or Why Six People Sharing A Room Makes Sense In The Celtic Phoenix

A bargain €400 will secure you one of six splendid bunks in a very cosy room

So. Imagine you are a young professional. Newly qualified in coding or customer services or languages or finance or social media or PR, or a host of other areas.

You’re eager to get started in a new job, and maybe see a bit of the world at the same time.

You’ve spent the last few years in college, broke, living on a pittance and sharing your living space with a small army of flatmates to keep costs down.

But your life will change. After all, you have a job now, with proper pay and the other perks that go with being an adult – the freedom to go to bed when you want to, have your friends over whenever you want – even have people stay over because after all you’ll have your very own place.


You wake up in Ireland. Attracted by the giants of tech like Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and a host of others, you’re now a newly-minted Dubliner.

And instead of your own nice little apartment paid for by the proceeds of your long hours of hard work, you’re back sharing with flatmates again. Many many more flatmates than you’ve ever had before, even as a penniless student.

You’re paying €500 or so for a bunk bed in a room with five other people. Plus your bills. And living expenses.

How did such a situation come about in a city not exactly short of land, in a country not short of space?

Some of your friends have gone to live in Paris and Berlin, and in those cities they say that finding a decent place to live isn’t so hard and you get what you pay for.

Why is the situation so much worse in a small country with a relatively small population?

Why do people put up with such shoddy circumstances and pay so much for so very little?

Why is there not outrage and fury at such bad planning? At the inaction of the government?

At the greed that underpins everything?

And permeates society like an insidious disease?

Answers on a postcard would be welcome, because nobody here seems to know………..