Rustic Riverside Retreat

Want to get away from it all, awaken to the sound of birdsong and rushing water and enjoy being immersed in Mother Nature’s beautiful surroundings?

Well then, this is the property for you!

Idyllic, tranquil location at the edge of the River Boyne, this property is well camouflaged and therefore suitable for birdwatchers,  fishermen/women and misanthropists of all shapes and sizes.  Boasting an unparalleled view of the mighty Boyne river, this well apportioned home is thoroughly in harmony with its surroundings and conveniently located beside a path. It also comes with its own bolted door to secure the property and keep out those pesky walkers and dogs who occasionally wander past! (Disclaimer: We cannot be held responsible for walkers/dogs confusing your home with a toilet!) Constructed from corrugated iron, this one-room, self-contained property is both substantial and waterproof. Unequipped with anything resembling a mod-con, nonetheless, what it lacks in modern accoutrements, it more than makes up for in location terms (and as everyone knows, location is everything!! No couples or smokers need apply (as the place could easily go up in flames!). Parking and Wifi non-existent but if you live here, who needs either?!

Please contact for more information